Sportlogiq Talks Data at MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2018

Sportlogiq is bringing its AI-powered sports analytics to the world’s biggest sports analytics conference

Sportlogiq is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the 2018 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston on February 23-24. The team is excited to be part of the event and to help drive the conversation on how technology is shaping hockey analytics and the sports industry.

The conference is attended by industry experts from both on and off the field and provides a forum to discuss the role that analytics and innovation play in sports. This year’s edition will feature high profile speakers, including former President Barack Obama, Gary Bettman, and Nate Silver. Sportlogiq’s Director of Hockey Analytics, Christopher Boucher, will be a speaker on this year’s sole hockey panel. As the leader in advanced hockey analytics, Sportlogiq is proud to present the panel.

The panel will bring together hockey industry leaders to discuss how player tracking technology is transforming hockey analytics and the NHL, with a particular focus on the challenges with communicating data to teams. As an NHL team consultant for 7 years with over two decades of experience in micro-stats, Boucher will bring his deep data knowledge and expertise to the discussion. “I am honored to be on the panel alongside such an impressive roster of speakers. I look forward to providing the audience with more insight on hockey analytics.”

Sportlogiq will also be an exhibitor at the conference—showcasing its revolutionary AI-powered sports analytics. Finally, its AI team will be presenting a research paper it funded on the analysis of game events using hockey and basketball datasets.