Kicking it up a notch - Updates to PiTCH

Introducing new updates to PiTCH, our soccer pro tool. 

Sportlogiq is thrilled to announce major updates to PiTCH (our soccer pro tool). Our new features allow for even deeper contextual analysis so that clubs can continue to stay a step ahead of the competition.

In our continued effort to create the premier performance analysis and scouting tool for clubs, we have really focused on better visual presentation of the data for added context. We also have simplified the ways we can integrate into clubs’ established workflows. 

We’re very excited about the progress made so far and can’t wait to show you what’s coming up next. In the meantime, check out all our new features in more detail below.

What’s New:

An Expanded Database of League and Player data

We’ve added 15+ leagues (over 5000 players) of data for player and team analysis, increasing the search range for data analysis and recruitment insights.

Player Profiles

Our new player profile provides a summary on a player’s strengths and weaknesses based on attack, possession, defense and duels. This allows scouts to get a complete overview of a player’s performance at a glance.

Mohamed Salah Player Profile in PiTCH

Linked Game Events

All our metrics are linked to video clips, so you can see where our data is coming from and instantly add more context to the data presented.

Wide Range of Export Options

We can now export traditional and contextual metrics in an XML and CSV format. In supporting flexible workflows, clubs can integrate XML files into tools like Sportscode for a more streamlined experience. 

Deeper Comparative Metrics

New comparative metrics offer deeper player and team rankings. Now clubs can analyze where players & teams rank in comparison to others in their respective leagues. Analysts can use this to measure if a player or team is above or below average.

Key Event Timelines

Every match is plotted on a game timeline so clubs can quickly access linked video clips of in game events (e.g every goal).

Visual Data

Data is condensed into tabular or bar charts so analysts can digest insights for immediate, visual post-match team comparisons. 

fc mockup matchbarcharts

Video Hot-Keys & Mobile Optimization 

Video hot-keys simplify clip-navigation and analysis. Analysts can perform basic actions without the need for a mouse. PiTCH is also optimized for tablets and mobile devices for analysis on the go. 


Intercom Integration

Our Intercom integration allows for an elite customer care experience. If you have a question about any data, or feature while using the pro tool you’ll be able to ask questions directly to the team who built it.

  • What’s next?

As we move closer to our Fall release you can expect more scout focused analysis, tools and metrics. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out the team at and we’d be happy to walk you through the new release.