Sportlogiq partners with Telemetry Sports to bring NFL level analysis to NCAA football programs

Sportlogiq and Telemetry Sports have agreed to a three-year partnership through which Sportlogiq will provide its unique data and contextual insights to power Telemetry’s premier NCAA Football product. In partnering with Sportlogiq, Telemetry is now able to offer even more data and advanced analysis at the college level effective January 2020. 

The two innovative companies are combining their unique expertise—using computer vision technology, Sportlogiq will provide new-to-market player tracking data while Telemetry will process the tracking data and make it available in its industry-leading coaching analytics and reporting platform—arming NCAA programs with powerful insights previously unavailable in college football. 

Using machine learning and other analytical methods, Telemetry autonomously analyzes and characterizes player tracking data. Pairing this analysis with video enables coaches, scouts, and personnel evaluators to improve efficiency and further their understanding of on-field play. This will enable the generation of a variety of new metrics, including speed, separation, burst, advanced run-pass tendencies, safety rotation, play similarity, line strength, and much more. 

All 130 FBS programs will have access to contextual metrics and more data than ever before, giving them a deeper understanding of the game and player performance. NCAA teams will now be able to do the same type of analysis that NFL teams do with Next Gen Stats. With professional level data at their disposal, college programs can improve their overall efficiency and take their analysis to the next level. 

Craig Buntin, Sportlogiq CEO, said “our partnership with Telemetry presents a very exciting opportunity. We are both committed to innovation and using technology to shape the future of sports analytics. Our player tracking and unique insights will bring an unprecedented level of game insight to the NCAA. College football teams will now have access to this data thanks to Telemetry.” 

Jeremy Hochstedler, Telemetry CEO, said “as we grow together and expand our capabilities, we can start to look at the game in new ways. Using Sportlogiq’s tracking data in a way that’s beyond speed and distance travelled, we can really uncover what makes a team more successful and efficient. We’re really excited about where this partnership can go.”

Telemetry and Sportlogiq will be at the 2020 American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Annual Convention on January 12th to the 14th and look forward to meeting with the industry’s leading coaches.

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