Looking back at AFCA 2020

The world of football has always been at the forefront of technology in sport, and this year’s AFCA convention proved the case once again. Thousands of the best coaches from NFL, NCAA and top High School programs descended on Nashville, Tennessee for the 2020 edition.

There were over 950 exhibitors showcasing their products including a significant presence from the likes of Adidas and Under Armor. Alongside these titans of the sport were more niche tech players, highlighting advances in equipment, training, and more.

One of the convention’s major themes was the increased use of AI, a hot topic at several recent sports conferences. It was top of mind for many companies at AFCA and Sportlogiq was at the front line of this trend with our recent partnerships with Telemetry Sports and XOS Digital.

Sportlogiq x Telemetry Sports 

In case you missed it, Sportlogiq and Telemetry Sports  recently agreed to a three-year partnership through which Sportlogiq will provide its unique data and contextual insights to power Telemetry’s premier NCAA Football product. In partnering with Sportlogiq, Telemetry Sports is now able to offer even more data and advanced analysis at the college level effective January 2020. 

Check out our partnership video with Telemetry Sports here




Sportlogiq x XOS Digital

For the past 20 years, XOS Digital has been blazing the trail for innovation in the coaching technology industry.  Coaches, conferences, and leagues have consistently trusted XOS Digital to provide mission-critical technology solutions. Sportlogiq will provide its game-changing tracking data to XOS Digital’s industry leading solution taking their football product to the next level.




About the conference:

Teams that approached us were extremely intrigued and excited to hear about what Sportlogiq and its partners plan to bring to the table. Decreasing time spent in video rooms and more time on field with the opportunity to teach players using contextual metrics such as expected passes, expected tackles, and more, truly resonated with coaches across all levels. 

We had plenty of great conversations with the attendees throughout the convention. The 2020 AFCA convention provided Sportlogiq and our partners with a platform to show the game’s key decision makers how we intend to revolutionize the sport. 

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