Sportlogiq Data Royale Bracket

The current nature of our reality may have abruptly slowed sport down, but the sport obsessed staff at Sportlogiq haven’t stopped. We’re preparing for drafts, analyzing season trends and continuing to innovate and build cutting edge technology for the future. We wanted to share a fun project with you in the meantime. 

While we all felt levels of “March Sadness” we’ve worked closely with our data team to introduce the first-ever Sportlogiq Data Royale. An NHL themed bracket built using one of our original metrics, Puck Battle Win Percentage. 

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be posting updated brackets with each round’s winners. Until then, feel free to fill out and post your own bracket. 

Please tag us and use the hashtag #DataRoyale. Winners will be featured on our social media.

What is Puck Battle Win Percentage?

Puck Battle Wins are awarded to the player recovering a loose puck when there is at least one opposing player with a realistic opportunity of recovering it. This can mean there is a battle between two or more opponents prior to or at the time the puck is recovered and this can involve physical contact or stick on stick battles as well. 

How does the Bracket Work?

The top players with respect to even strength Puck Battle Win Percentage were selected, with extra consideration given to ensure at least 1 player from all 31 NHL teams was involved. The players were then split into their respective conferences and divisions and seeded for the most part by their points per 60 at even strength so that rankings would line up with how well the players have performed on the ice this season, but again with the caveat of ensuring that all teams were represented in the bracket. The play-in matchups were determined arbitrarily, as added fun, and then the winners in each round are to be based on which player has the higher Puck Battle Win %, essentially showcasing which player, on average, would be expected to win the puck battle in that matchup. At the end, we will crown the league champion at winning puck battles this season.

The Bracket

brackets divisions round 1 1


Download the full bracket here

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