Sportlogiq Standouts

Sportlogiq Standout: Nathan MacKinnon

Selected By: Karell Emard,  Hockey Product Manager at Sportlogiq

Metrics: Possession Driving Plays, Offense Generating Plays, Controlled Entries followed by a Successful Play

I’ve always been a big fan of Nathan MacKinnon and once again, he did not disappoint. I like to watch players that can contribute each time they step onto the ice, they can change the momentum of the game so easily because they do the little things so well. Mackinnon’s Hockey IQ is off the charts but every-time he gains possession of the puck, it’s rare there isn’t a successful play that follows. Whether it’s a  zone entry, a carry, or a pass. He creates so much time and space for his teammates; it’s a beautiful sight.

I understand that my pick might be seen as an easy one or a “no brainer” but based on his Offense Generating Plays and his Possession Driving Plays over his possession time, and the number of controlled entries followed by a scoring chance, he is MY PICK this week. The Avs game on Sunday was a blast to watch, and it’s safe to say, just like every other year, that Playoff MacKinnon has arrived. 

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