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Sportlogiq Standout: Nick Suzuki  

Selected by: Billy P. Bertrand – Media Content Editor

Metrics: Controlled Entries, Slot Shots, Inner Slot Shots

Nick Suzuki may only be a rookie, but he’s quickly becoming the most exciting player to watch on the Canadiens night in and night out. Despite a 2-0 loss to the Flyers in Game 4, Suzuki has proven once again that he has a bright future in front of him by setting personal playoff single-game highs in a number of key statistics.

As a team, the Habs only managed to get 7 Slot Shots on net: Nick Suzuki was responsible for 4 of them, netting Montreal many of their best chances on the night. He was also responsible for 2 of the Canadiens’ 4 Inner Slot Shots. Another key area of performance is the ability to enter the zone with the puck, something the Flyers have been able to shut down over the past few games. Once again, Suzuki shines compared to his teammates with 7 Controlled Entries, leading the team in Game 4.

Suzuki ended the game scoreless, but you can’t fault his effort. He is already one of the key forwards on the team and an important offensive spark plug. The future is bright for the 21-year-old.

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