Sportlogiq Standouts

Sportlogiq Standout: Chandler Stephenson

Selected by: Jordan Pelletier, Senior Hockey Account Manager

Metrics: Offensive Zone Puck on Stick Time, Successful Offensive Zone Passes, Possession Driving Plays

When Vegas shipped over a 5th round pick to pull in Stephenson they expected a speedy two-way forward that can play up and down the lineup and kill penalties. Since that trade, he has filled those roles while stepping up offensively providing some great depth scoring for the Golden Knights. While his success hasn’t been the most fancy we’ve seen these playoffs, it sure is effective and his athleticism was on full display Saturday night.

Stephenson was an absolute force when it came to possession numbers, topping the league that night in at least 7 key possession metrics. Most notably his Offensive Zone Puck on Stick TimePuck ProtectionsSuccessful Offensive Zone passes & Passes to the Slot, as well as his numerous Possession Driving Plays. They say offense is the best defense and If Stephenson and his line can continue to dominate Offensive Zone time, Vegas is going to be winning a lot more hockey games.

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