List of Services used by Sportlogiq to process games


Sportlogiq uses various public Cloud Processing services to process games. The goal of utilizing these services is to ensure maximum service availability, scalability and performance. Sportlogiq will continuously review usage of below listed services, and vendors and subject to change in order to achieve our goals.


Amazon Web Services


Cognito: Identity store, and identity verification of Sportlogiq users

S3: Simple Storage Service, is used to store video, and processed game data and assets 

Lambda: Event driven triggers to launch tasks and processes

SWF: Simple Workflow Service to launch chained and dependant tasks

SNS: Simple Notification Service used for push based messaging on status of various processing tasks

SQS: Simple Queue services for managing incoming game, and sub task  processing requests

EC2: Use Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances for in-take and encoding of game footage, and processing 

CloudFront: For providing external users secure access to data and other game assets




Web Server: Used to host and run SportLogiq applications

Database: Postgres SQL database service, for storing game and tracking data




Tableau: Used for reporting and visualization of data

Rivery: Used as ELT tool for reporting data structures