Next level analysis - New updates to PiTCH

PiTCH is designed for clubs to uncover the most essential insights in matches. PiTCH produces unique contextual metrics to give a more complete view of the game. 

From the top teams to the most detailed player profile metrics, everything is linked to video and optimized for sharing. This new update aims to simplify things for scouts, coaches, data analysts, and sporting directors.

Check out a breakdown of our improvements and new features below:

New features

15 Leagues of Data

The platform now has access to fifteen different leagues of data, with over 9000 players and 300 teams. This allows our users to access more data for recruitment and analysis. 

Profile Comparisons

Our new player comparison feature matches up player strengths in easy to understand visuals. You can now get a sense of a player’s capabilities at a glance, tailored to their most important metrics for their position.



Similar Player Suggestions 

Our platform now offers automated player recommendations based on the positional profile and skills of players you’ve been researching. 

Top Players Page

Our new top players’ page leverages contextual metrics to uncover a league’s best players and represent their skills in simple infographics. It highlights the top-scoring, passing, and defensive players for any given league.



Top Teams Page

Our team’s landing page identifies the top-scoring, passing, and defensive teams in a selected league. Our graphics offer a snapshot view of a team’s goals, line-breaking passes and defensive actions per match, as well as related success rates.

These are a great starting point for a pre-match analysis, or to give more context around a scouted player’s current team. 



Updated dashboards

Our dashboards merge player insights, high-level goal events and a team’s form for a quick look at a given team. This allows you to quickly dive deeper into a team’s recent play, or get a feel for their place in a league.

Pressure Intensity

Our unique broadcast tracking capabilities allow us to understand pressure on a spectrum, based on how many and how far opponents are from the player generating offensive events such as passes and/or shots.

Consequently, we can now filter whether a player/team or a match is under low, mid or high-pressure intensity, giving users a more useful and accurate understanding of pressure situations.

Shot Clarity

Utilizing our broadcast tracking capabilities, we now know how many opponents are between a shot and a goal. With this, we can determine the skill level and success rate of a player in creating shots with varied visibility.

Hudl Sportscode export feature

Leveraging our contextual metrics and broadcast tracking data, we’ve included some updates to our export feature for Hudl Sportscode video analyst tool.

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