iCE Features

Game Analysis


The “Teams” tab provides access to information pertinent to your own team. You can access your team’s schedule, compare your season stats to other teams around the league, watch game footage, view the players on your roster, compare line combinations, look at the xG for each game, and compare the success rate of your players in each faceoff dot.


The dashboard provides a chart of your team’s xG differentials this season, a pre-scout report for the strengths and weaknesses of your next opponent, and a list of recently played games and the next three upcoming games.


The “Season Schedule” page provides links to post-game reports and video sections from all your team’s previous games, as well links to the pre-game scouting reports for all upcoming games.


The  “Season Report provides a comparison between your team and other teams around the league. You can view the comparison to all teams, or select a particular team to compare your team to. The comparison includes a number of stats and shows your team’s value, its rank in the league, the average value for that stat across the league, and the highest-ranking team according to that stat. Clicking on your team’s rank for a specific stat will show the results and comparative ranking for every other team according to that stat. You can also adjust the date range for the comparison and access the “Strengths & Weaknesses” and “xG Benchmarks” pages from this section as well.   



The “Season Video” page allows you to search the video catalog for a specific event or player, for specific games, and then watch the resulting video segments. 

The searching can be narrowly defined. Examples include a) slot shots from the past five games, b) controlled entries into the offensive zone at 3 on 3, c) shootout attempts from last month.

Searching defaults to the last 5 games however this can be modified to narrow or expand the search results. Similarly, the number of events displayed can be specified.

Highlighting players in the displayed roster will filter the results for those players, and selecting “Play Player Shifts” will filter to show only that specific player’s shifts. Selecting multiple players will filter to show only shifts that all selected players were on the ice.


To view the video for particular events (e.g. slap shots, controlled zone entries), instead of full shifts, select the type of event you want and click “PLAY ALL EVENTS.” For example, if you would like to see slot shots that led to a goal, highlight the “SHOOTING” section, select “SLOT,” and also select “LED TO GOAL.” Then click “PLAY ALL EVENTS” to watch those exact clips.

To view only certain segments, click to highlight those events and then click  “PLAY SELECTED EVENTS.”

Manpower Situations
You can also filter the video to show shifts at specified manpower situations. Select Even Strength, Powerplay, or Shorthanded from the drop-down and click “PLAY CURRENT SITUATION”.


To view video clips when certain players are on the ice, select them from the roster on the left side and then click “WHEN ON ICE.” This will highlight events that happened when the player(s) were on the ice, even if they were not involved in the play. 

Save/Share a Playlist
Once you have found clips that you would like to see, you have the option to save those clips as a playlist on your Sportlogiq account, or download and export them for viewing outside of the Ice application. You can edit the speed, order, and more, on the right tab on the screen. Select “Save & Share” to distribute the video to the appropriate people. 


Goals: Shooting – ALL Shots – LED TO GOAL
Assists: Playmaking – Assists
Controlled Entries Against: OZ Entries – CONTROLLED ENTRIES AGAINST


Recruitment & Scouting 


The roster page contains every player that has played a shift for your team this season. This page allows you to visualize who the best players are based on different categories (prorated to 20 mins for players and 60 mins for goalies). The main page showcases general categories but is customizable. You can also insert any player into any team to see how their stats compare to the rest of the roster. 


The scouting page allows you to look up players from any team in the league for comparison. The page works a lot like the “roster” tab for your team; the list originally consists of the three main categories for each position, but can be customized to show the the stats you specify. By selecting the player’s name you will be directed to their individual stats page. 


The Player Comparison page allows you to compare up to four players, of the same position, from any team or league. It also provides a visualization of how each player compares to other players in the same league. It also allows you to compare the same player’s performance from year to year, to see how their playing has changed each season.

When comparing players from different leagues their stats and ranking are associated with their league. 


This page is a larger and more expansive version of the xG chart on your team dashboard. The green bars are wins, the red bars are losses, and the small white rectangle at the top of some bars indicates that the game went to overtime or a shootout. The colored part of the bars is the differential between the expected goals for your team (xGF) and the expected goals for the opposition, or your team’s xGA.

The xGF and xGA are represented by the grey bars; the grey bar going up is your xGF, and the bar going down is the xGA. If you have a higher xGF than xGA, the differential bar will be on the positive side, and vice versa.


Player Evaluation


The Line Combination page allows you to compare the line combinations that your team has used this season. This list is sorted by TOI but can be filtered to show specific combinations, players, and special or even strength units. Users can see the “Expected Goals For/Against” stat for a line to evaluate performance. Teams can also view the zone start % to see how each line is utilized.  


The face-off page contains every player that has taken a face-off this season and their success rate. The team win percentage in each circle is represented at the top, and you can click on any face-off circle in the DZ or OZ to view a playlist of each face-off. You can also select the entire zone to see every face-off in both circles.

At the player level, overall success rates are represented above their names and the breakdown of their success in each dot is shown to the right. 


The game reports and video section contains a list of recently played games and their scores, as well as three upcoming games. All games contain the link directly to the post or pre-game summary page. In the top left, there is also a tab to sort the list “by team,” so only your team’s recent and upcoming games appear on the list.


Traditional & Advanced Stats


The statistics page shows every stat recorded by Sportlogiq, displayed by team, by player level, or by goalie. You can also set filters for date range, manpower, player positions, and regulation/overtime. You can view the stats Per 60 minute or per 20 minutes (except for goalies).

Many metrics are the same at the team, skater and goalie level, but each page also has specific metrics that can only be viewed at the player level, such as “while on ice” and goalie specific metrics on the “By Goalie” page. At the team level, you can also show the “against” metrics, which show how opponents perform against teams.