Powering Sportlogiq's Analytics Products

Sportlogiq uses AI technology including computer vision and machine learning to track sports broadcast video feeds.

Using patented, fully automated computer vision techniques, Sportlogiq goes beyond what the human eye can track…allowing us to extract granular and accurate data & insights from player location and movement.

Enhance Your Data Set

Sportlogiq partners with teams, data, and video providers across the world of sport to enhance their existing data set. Our partners have used our tracking data to offer premium video and data solutions to their clients, including:

  • Physical metrics such as player speeds & distances travelled
  • Automated highlight videos and playlists 
  • Visualizations such as heatmaps and analytics charts 
  • Advanced sport-specific contextual metrics 

Sportlogiq API

Our API is flexible, capable, and comprehensive, allowing our partners to easily access our data without interrupting existing workflows

Depth & Accuracy of Data

Since our computer vision and machine learning technology tracks everything on the field of play, we can offer extremely granular datasets for any sport

Reliable Turnaround Times

Our powerful processing and automated processes allow our data to be available in near real time in some instances

Streamlined Access

Our API can be integrating into internal tools, including broadcast tools and telestration systems

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