Bringing Sportlogiq Technology to Soccer & Football

Sportlogiq was built on the belief that deeper insights can transform performance. We developed our technology on this foundational principle and have been applying the benefits of artificial intelligence—more specifically computer vision and machine learning—since day one.

Data Gets the Cup


We started with Hockey. In the NHL world we’ve worked with the top teams in the game to help them gain an edge. We’ve learnt from their stories, answered their questions, and questioned their assumptions. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with teams as they’ve gone on to hoist the Stanley Cup.

And we’ve learnt and developed as we’ve partnered with elite teams on their journeys. We’ve learnt that data without insight is nothing, and actions without context can be dangerously misleading. We’ve learnt that everything starts with a question, and at Sportlogiq it’s our job to apply our technology in the quest to answer those questions. We’ve also learnt that answers inevitably lead to more questions. And so it continues. Once our teams have gained an edge, new questions follow, and obtaining yet a new edge on the competition becomes the next frontier.

It was against this backdrop that we started to ask new questions and to find our own new edge. From Hockey, and partnering with the last 3 Stanley Cup winners, we began the process of applying our technology, expertise and knowledge to new sports, namely Soccer and Football.

We’re excited to start sharing some of the work we’ve been doing as we’ve developed this new product set, and to show you how we can help you answer some of the questions that have thus far been elusive using traditionally available datasets.

Adding Context to the Beautiful Game

For example, in Soccer we’ve focused on adding context to events. It’s been commonplace for years for teams and media to have access to what happened in a match, a league, or across a season.  We know who made the passes, where they started, and where they ended up. We know who had the shots, where from, and whether there was a goal or not.

But we believe that traditional event data raises more questions. We’ve added new metrics to simple data sets such as passes, whether those passes were played under opposing pressure, and what other options the player had at the time of making the pass. We’re able to show not only what happened, but what didn’t happen and add crucial contextual insights in the process. We’re also adding extra context to shots, off-the-ball runs, and much more.

We’re able to do this as we use cutting-edge computer vision technology that analyses broadcast footage. Not only does this allow us to add the extra context to each event, it also adds scalability that can be transformative for player scouting and recruitment on a global level.

Gaining an Edge in Football

In Football, we’ve focused initially on bringing computer vision insights to the NCAA.  This is a highly competitive and passionate level of competition that is under-served from a performance data point of view.

By utilizing the scalability of our approach, NCAA teams, and NFL teams looking to recruit, can benefit from insights into the performance of the players, which were previously unavailable at that level.

Like-for-like comparisons can now be made, such as a quarterback’s passing tendencies, time to throw, efficiency under pressure, and more. We can also analyze and compare players’ in-game speed as well as analyze separation, actual and expected yards, both after contact and after catch.

For Hockey, and now Soccer and Football, we’re helping to craft key stories from the data we’re collecting and analysing. And we’re working with professionals at the top of their game to help them make better decisions.

If you have any questions about our work in any of the sports, or would like to enquire about how we can help you win more games, or tell better stories, please get in touch