Our FIFA Certified Computer Vision Pipeline

Powerful Automated Processing

Our fully automated pipeline and advanced computer vision technology allows us to process high precision data on hundreds of games at once, and offers fast and reliable turnaround times at low cost to our clients

Tactical Video

Broadcast Video

Seamless Integration

Our easy to use API makes it convenient and simple to streamline our data into your existing workflows

  • Combine our tracking data with your existing event data to add greater context and insight, such as line-breaking passes, spatial control, movements off the ball, and more
  • Improve the power of visualization tools in your software or platform 
  • Offer your clients physical data in games and moments where it would typically be unavailable 


Our fully dedicated AI team works directly with clients and companies to help maximize their product and services with cutting edge results

Tracking Data

Physical Data

Automated Tracking Data

Our high precision tracking data allows our partners to optimize their product and services for their clients

  • X,Y Coordinates of all players (captured at a rate of 25 frames per second) both on screen and predicted off-screen tracks
  • Available to clients from our easy to use API 

Physical Data

High quality physical data measuring team and player performance from any available tactical and broadcast video feed

Ideal for use in player recruitment, measuring team performance, and for league wide coverage as a low cost alternative to multi-cam fixed solutions

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