AI Powered Football Analysis

Sportlogiq computer vision and machine learning technology to track All-22 video feeds, enabling any football team to perform the same type of analysis that professional teams do with chip based stats

Fast and Reliable Turnaround Times

Computer vision techniques such as automated event detection mean that our data can be turned around more quickly and efficiently

Cost Efficient

Sportlogiq’s optical tracking means that no chips or sensors are needed to create tracking data, saving teams money on hardware


All processing is done via Amazon Web Services and access to our raw data is streamlined into your existing workflows 

Advanced Football Analytics & Insights

Sportlogiq’s raw data can generate physical and contextual metrics for football teams to support their recruiting, scouting, and coaching. 

Patented Camera Calibration Technology

Sportlogiq’s patented automated camera calibration allows us to extract data from any broadcast or tactical feed and bring professional level insights to your team. 

Physical Metrics

Sportlogiq partners use our raw data to present physical metrics such as:

  • Player speeds
  • Receiver separation created
  • Acceleration & deceleration

Contextual Metrics

Sportlogiq’s raw data allows our partners to create contextual metrics that can support with opposition scouting, game preparation, and player evaluation, including:

  • Formation/positions by play 
  • Route recognition
  • Defensive coverage breakdown
Sportlogiq Optical Tracking

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