Hockey analytics & tools for your entire organization

With iCE, Sportlogiq’s industry leading hockey analytics platform, professional and junior hockey teams can streamline their coaching, scouting, player development, and team communication with a wide array of tools and services, available at the click of a button. 

  • Accessible to all members of your organization, including players 
  • All metrics linked directly to video for instant context
  • Coverage of up to 26 leagues across the world 

Coaching Tools

Customizable Game Reports

Delivered pre-game, in-game, and post-game highlighting opposition strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies with fast and reliable turnaround times

Advanced Video Tools

Playback, annotation, and playlist creation allow you to drive efficiency in your video sessions & easily create and share annotated videos across your organization

Line Combinations & Match-up Analysis

Identify optimal line combinations, pairings, and special teams units with advanced metrics including strength of opposition and expected goals

Scouting Tools

League Coverage & Shift Video

Watch player shifts from up to 26 leagues around the world and filter shifts based on line combinations and match ups  

Player Attribute Cards

Allow you to accurately identify player strengths, weaknesses, similar players, usage, zone analysis, and much more

Player Comparison Tool

Track internal and external player development and evaluate potential fits within your roster 


Contextual Metrics

Every single metric & data point is linked to video, providing instant context at the click of a button

Leading Advanced metrics

300 + advanced metrics to sort through with fully customizable filters for manpowers and date ranges 

Seamless Integration into your workflow

Custom reports and raw data delivered via iCE application or API

Sportlogiq Pro Services

Sought After Expertise

Team of hockey analytics experts on-call to assist you with questions related to analytics, video, or general support

Comprehensive training program

Advanced analytics training and full iCE application walkthrough 

Dedicated AI team Committed to innovation

Consistent communications from services team including program updates, release notes, expert insights, use cases, tips & tricks, and more

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