USA’s Attacking Threat

The USA are world champions and an absolute attacking force on the field, having surpassed even their own high expectations and broken the world record for most goals scored in a world cup finals in their first game. Their style of attack is very direct: they play a phenomenal number of throughballs through the centre and the inner channels, which means that they’re posing a near-constant threat, especially given the strength that they have at the front.

Look at how they compare to France:

usa throughballs


This attacking threat is also seen in their constant, high press, which leads to a high number of loose ball recoveries in the final third. This is pretty evenly distributed across the width of the pitch, showing that this is a team strength rather than a matter of individual skill.




Team USA will try and control the pace of the game against France, in order to impose their style and play to their strengths. If they manage to do that, they are almost unstoppable.

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