Advanced Hockey Evaluation Webinar

In this webinar, Christopher Boucher, VP Hockey and Operations, and Matt Perri, Director of Hockey Operations, demonstrate how we use data to evaluate teams and players, the future of hockey analytics, and more.

Christopher Boucher: VP Hockey and Operations at Sportlogiq

Christopher has been a team consultant for NHL teams for over ten years and has two decades of experience in hockey analytics and micro-stats. He built the first-ever complete and binary micro-stat tracking system in hockey and is the creator of the micro-stat definitions, reports and insights used by 63 professional hockey teams; including 28 NHL teams, 14 SHL teams, and 2 hockey federations. Christopher is recognized by NHL, AHL, USHL, CHL, and SHL teams as the leading authority in the application of event and tracking data in hockey.

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Matt Perri: Director of Hockey Operations at Sportlogiq

Matt works directly with NHL, AHL, SHL and CHL teams, providing insight and clarity to the cutting-edge of hockey analytics, translating numbers into hockey-speak, and turning mountains of raw data into actionable reports. Matt has been with Sportlogiq since 2015.

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Watch the full webinar here