Product Spotlight: iCE - Player Comparison

At Sportlogiq, we’re always striving to improve our products and services. This week, we take a look into the leading product in professional hockey – iCE, and its new player comparison feature. 

This new feature allows our partners to evaluate players like never before. Users can now compare up to 4 players from different teams and leagues and see how they match up across our library of metrics. This new component to iCE also allows teams to compare the same player’s performance in previous years making player progression easier to track. 


Track Player Progression/Development

A value of this new feature is making cross-league data accessible to the user in one place. For example, teams are able to compare a player’s performance at the AHL level to the NHL level to assist them in determining how they are progressing in their development.  

brannstrom compare fixed

Scouting & Trading

The player comparison tool optimizes efficiency when teams are looking to address specific needs. Users can compare players with various archetypes to find the best fit for their roster.


Those are just a few ways teams have been using the new player comparison feature. In our continued effort to create quality performance and game analysis for coaches and key stakeholders, we focused on maximizing efficiency in this most recent update. 

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