Product Spotlight: iCE - Glossary

In our continued effort to help professional teams attain peak performance and provide game-changing analysis for coaches and key stakeholders, we focused on maximizing efficiency in this most recent feature release. Here’s a look into the leading product in professional hockey – iCE, and its new Glossary feature. 

In this new feature, users will now have access to definitions for common terms and concepts, in depth descriptions of our industry-leading team and player metrics (with real world examples and distribution ranges) as well as breakdowns of the different sections of iCE. The goal of the Glossary is to optimize our users’ time and make them more efficient by providing them with real-time support without having to leave the page. 

To use the Glossary feature, users can simply click on the Intercom button at the bottom left of the screen and start typing. If they’re looking for information on “shot attempts”, users simply enter “shot” and a variety of metrics containing the same key word will pop up as suggested articles. When clicked, the link near the top of each article will expand to a larger window.



Users can also browse all articles without a starting point. By simply typing  “Index”, we’ve built two indexes with links to every article we’ve published. There’s a glossary index and a user manual index which has instructions on navigating all the pages on their account.

The Glossary will be continuously updated with new definitions and articles, to keep up with new tools and features. 

Sportlogiq’s hockey metrics and data are proprietary, and exclusive to our partners. They’ve helped propel the last four Stanley Cup winners to championships, and are used by elite teams everywhere in the NHL, SHL, AHL and other leagues as we continue to help push the sport of hockey and the analytics community forward.

To request a demo of iCE feel free to reach out to In the meantime, check out our website for more information on our hockey solutions.

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