Sportlogiq Standouts

Sportlogiq Standout: Neal Pionk 

Selected by: Derek Arnold – Business Development Manager – North American Hockey 

Metrics: Even Strength D-Zone Dump-in Recoveries, Loose Puck Recoveries, Defensive Zone Touches

After a tough 6-2 loss yesterday, you would not expect a Winnipeg defenseman to have excelled in some key Sportlogiq defensive metrics. Neal Pionk logged 24:25 minutes and was a minus 3 yesterday, but brought a lot more to the table than the traditional box score will tell. Even Strength D-Zone Dump-In Recoveries is a key event for d-men as this is one of the toughest parts of their game.

Pionk was able to get back to 13 dump-ins and successfully recover those pucks. Pionk was all over the puck yesterday with 34 loose puck recoveries and 9 defensive zone touches. Loose puck recoveries aren’t necessarily a skill as they are more of a mindset, it’s the will to win that loose puck and who wants it more. After watching his game yesterday, I’d go to battle any day of the week with Pionk.

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