Sportlogiq Standouts

Sportlogiq Standout: Victor Hedman

Selected by: Nick Czuzoj-Shulman, Hockey Data Analyst 

Metrics: Total Successful Plays Leading to a Scoring Chance For, Total Failed Plays Leading to a Scoring Chance Against, Even-Strength Overall Possession Rating, Completed Passes, Defensive Zone Carry Outs

My standout in the record-breaking game between Columbus and Tampa Bay is none other than Victor Hedman. Having left the previous game on what looked like might be a playoff-ending injury, it was surprising to even see the former 2nd overall draft pick in the lineup. The fact he then managed to skate on that ankle for more than 57.5 minutes should not be lost behind the incomprehensible minutes played by both Seth Jones and Zack Werenski.

Minutes aside, Hedman led his team in Total Successful Plays Leading to a Scoring Chance For and his differential when comparing that with Total Failed Plays Leading to a Scoring Chance Against was also tops for Tampa Bay in that 5OT thriller. Hedman achieved this by having an Even-Strength Overall Possession Rating of 121, good for first place among all skaters who played on August 11th. This means that of all the events number 77 was involved in during the lengthy game, he was still sharp completing 121 more than he failed. Of course, a longer game means higher counting stats, but the fact he didn’t regress as the minutes racked up can’t be overlooked.

Hedman’s 93 completed passes are also an incredible sight to look at and his 9 Defensive Zone Carry Outs (1 behind the team lead) show that the ankle wasn’t slowing him down from skating the puck out of danger and leading the attack.




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