Sportlogiq Standouts

Sportlogiq Standout: Thatcher Demko

Selected by: Eugene Plawutsky – Senior Product Manager 

Metrics: Slot Shots, Scoring Chances Off the Rush, Offensive Zone Possession Time, Actual to Expected Goals 

In his 1st playoff game in his career, starting after Jacob Markstrom didn’t dress, Demko put on a show…

He made 42 saves in a game where Vancouver was outplayed pretty badly. Vegas dominated in all the offensive stats: OZ possession time (9:14 to 3:23), slot shots (21 to 6), scoring chances off the rush (11-2), but Vancouver came away with the 2-1 win.

Demko’s actual-to-expected goals tells the story: it essentially provides a number of goals saved, and he saved his team 2.14 goals last night. It’s among the better performances in the playoffs so far, ranking 20th best out of over 200 goalie games so far. By comparison, Joonas Korpisalo’s 86-save 5-overtime win saved 3.90 goals, which is not likely to be challenged too often.

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