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Sportlogiq Standout: Brayden Point

Selected byCharlie Neufeld – Office Services Coordinator

Metrics: Even Strength Offensive Zone Possession Time, Even Strength Controlled Entries, Even Strength Passes to the Slot

If you are not yet sold on Brayden Point as being a bonafide threat in the National Hockey League, look no further than his 5 point performance in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. 

Point has made a name for himself as a dynamic offensive threat be it sweet passes or overtime winners, he seems to always be around the action, creating offense and doing what it takes to win in the NHL.

I’ve always thought there are 3 main factors in creating offense:

1. Be in the O-Zone. Point ranked 1st amongst both teams with an outrageous 7 Even Strength Controlled Entries. For context, the next closest skater from either team had 2. 

2. Have the puck on your stick. Point again outranked all other skaters on the ice in this metric. Having the puck on his stick (Possession Time) for a total of 31 seconds while at Even Strength.

3. Put the puck in the net. If that’s not an option, pass it to someone in a scoring position. When looking at even strength, Point once again leads his team with 3 Passes to the Slot.

All in all, a pretty good night for a 3rd round pick from 2014.

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