How Sportlogiq is elevating media analysis during the NHL Playoffs

The NHL’s return has treated fans to some of the most exciting hockey in years. In the midst of a global pandemic, players are setting records and delivering all-time classic games (can anybody say five overtimes?).

At Sportlogiq, we’ve been busy during this time, innovating not only in the sports data realm but in the sports media realm as well. 

Our accessible data-driven content has been used to enhance broadcasts in every round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs so far. We’ve helped prepare stories and graphics for on-air analysis for our broadcast partners as well as for digital and social media platforms, and we’ll continue to do so until the Stanley Cup trophy is raised in October. 

Here are just a few examples of how Sportlogiq has contributed to the 2020 Playoffs:

  • Game Previews: 

Throughout the playoffs, we have provided our clients with in-depth insights only available through the Sportlogiq Data Set. Depending on a client’s editorial or broadcast needs we provide essential information on key players as well as their key performance metrics.

These can range from important offensive metrics like Puck Battle Percentage, Puck Possession, Zone Exits, Pass Completions, Rush Chances to defensive and goalie specific metrics like slot save percentage, and goal saved above average. 

These statistics help expand storytelling around ongoing series storylines and are often used to create digital micro-content and infographics.


Sportlogiq Service Desk: 

Specific and detailed client requests are delivered via the Sportlogiq service desk. Throughout the playoffs, clients have requested information and outlook on specific situations in the playoffs. Common examples from this postseason include:

– How a player injury or suspension will impact the performance of a line-up

– Analyzing why a star player is streaking or slumping.

– Analyzing how a line change is affecting a player’s performance

– How one line will match up against another

– How star players match up against each other- Analyzing a team’s scoring chance creation, zone time, and more.

Our media and analytics team answers these questions, providing information that can expand and simplify broadcast analysis and make for more engaging stories with digestible data. 

On Screen:

Our media team has provided play-by-play commentators and in-game analysts with key metrics that they can choose to use during the broadcast. These insights are communicated to the production team live and are often accompanied by graphics that we create in-house.  

Metrics highlight: 

  • – Teams’ performance (Scoring chances created and allowed)

  • – Individual player statistics 

These metrics validate what the audience has watched/noticed and bring them closer to the game. 

  • Betting Content:

    – Using the Sportlogiq Data-Set and predictive modeling we’ve created automated betting previews at scale for every matchup of the postseason. These previews feature predictions on Moneyline, puck line and over/under bets. We also provide updated and accurate statistics and percentages on top goal scorers and 1st goal percentages for potential Prop bets. 

    – With the lack of betting coverage in hockey, this creates engaging and exciting content that also informs bettors.

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